• Dr. Mark D. Gomez

You can’t just talk the talk. You have to walk the walk. ⁣

Let’s end the intimidation surrounding colorectal cancer screening - check out my latest video where I journal the prep for my very first colonoscopy. ⁣

You’ve heard me talk about the importance of colorectal cancer screening many times, most recently following the untimely death of Chadwick Boseman. In light of my own personal risk factors, I recently had my first colonoscopy performed. The good news (spoiler alert): I’m healthy! ⁣

Thanks to my awesome kids for starring in this video and my amazing wife, Tiffany, for editing & producing it. I’m also sending a special shout out to Dr. Darren A. Kastin, M.D. (Suburban Gastroenterology Ltd) for making a special appearance. ⁣

To learn more about colorectal cancer, be sure to check out "#CancerSucks: Colorectal Cancer", my 2018 interview with Dr. Kastin on TO YOUR HEALTH WITH DR. G™. You can watch the replay on YouTube or listen to the audio version on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app.


  • Dr. Mark D. Gomez


I know that it has been awhile since I recorded a video blog, but I am back with another edition of Friday Morning Rounds! Today's topic: the latest on the COVID-19 vaccine. I encourage you to listen to today's video as I share some facts about the mRNA vaccines that are up for Emergency Use Authorization here in the U.S. this month.

As I have said before, an effective vaccine will be the fastest way for us to move past this pandemic. I plan to get vaccinated once the vaccine is available for my risk group (likely early 2021) and my wife is planning to be vaccinated later on in 2021 once the vaccine is available to the general public.

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  • Dr. Mark D. Gomez

Much gratitude to Dr. Lane (who passed away last week) for his efforts in leading the eradication of smallpox. He pioneered vaccine 💉 programs across the globe 🌎 and was a tireless advocate for inclusion. I remember reading about his work and that of so many others back in medical school. This was truly a different kind of CDC back then, but the collective efforts of Dr. Lane & his many colleagues across so many nations showed that humanity can and will defeat the scourge of deadly pathogens 🦠. So many great scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, and public health officials continue to look at the bigger picture and not just themselves. Eliminating smallpox was a huge achievement for mankind. You can read more about Dr. Lane here:

#VaccinesSaveLives #ScienceIsReal