COVID-19, and the health precautions that came with it, has sparked a full range of human emotion, including fear, gratitude, anger, grief and hope.

When people are forced to uproot their lives amid a roller coaster of emotion, their mental health can suffer.

As vaccinations continue and the world gradually reopens, many people are feeling uneasy about returning to business as usual. There’s an official name for this feeling: re-entry anxiety.

Click here for my conversation with episode guests, Ines Casey, M.D., board-certified infectious disease specialist, and Marc Browning, PsyD, ABPP, RN, board-certified clinical psychologist, about about re-entry anxiety and how to overcome it.

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  • Dr. Mark D. Gomez

Vaccines work, period! The goal of vaccination is to dramatically reduce your chance of getting a serious disease. Vaccination is singlehandedly the greatest intervention in the history of public health. This study is hot off the press from The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). Y’all know NEJM, which is arguably the global standard of medical journals. Two doses of the Pfizer vaccine is 88% effective against the delta variant.

I tell my patients this: Vaccines are like seatbelts in your car. You gotta wear them. Seatbelts don’t prevent car accidents from happening, but if you’re in one that seatbelt can soften the blow and save your life. If you happen to get COVID-19 and even develop some symptoms but have a vaccine already on board, then it will soften the blow and save your life, too.

Now that’s crushing it for real.

Click here to read the entire study.

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  • Dr. Mark D. Gomez

Updated: Jul 23

By now you all know that I love to hear about your health journeys. Today I wanted to share part of mine with you. Earlier this year I shared that my wife and I bought a Peloton Bike in an effort to up our fitness game at home. Well I am proud to let you know that I recently reached the Century Club having completed 100 cycling 🚴🏿‍♂️workouts on the platform. Yes! 💪🏾💪🏾

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