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Back to School Series, Part 2: Boosting nutritional and physical health

If your child takes a multivitamin every day, are they getting all the nutrients they need?

Is resistance training safe for kids?

Are kids basically miniature adults?

There are so many questions about kids' nutritional and physical health. And there are tons of great tips and lots of information for parents in our latest episode!

Host Mark D. Gomez, M.D. talks with pediatricians Joseph Russell, D.O., with Duly Health and Care and Victoria Uribe, M.D. with Edward-Elmhurst Health - Elmhurst Clinic about best practices to help parents raise strong, healthy kiddos.

You can click here to catch this episode. Remember, you can find all Health 360 with Dr. G podcasts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, at, or listen on your favorite podcast app!


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