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Teen stress & parental interventions that work | Episode 77

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Is there a way to tell when a teen is overwhelmed by stress? What should parents ask teens and when should they be concerned?

Today’s teens are just as stressed as their parents. Stress in teens can lead to various health issues and no matter the circumstances, stress needs to be taken seriously so it can be handled in a healthy way.

Teens can get stressed by a number of things, including activities they’re excited about. It can be anything from academics or their part-time job to relationships and even beloved extracurricular activities.

Get detailed information and tips in Episode 77, where my guest, Merigan Neben, LCPC, Assistant Principal of Student Services at Naperville Central High School in Naperville Community Unit School District 203, and I examine ways parents can identify stress in teens and talk about practical strategies to help them manage it.

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