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Self-care tips for a happier, healthier you | Episode 24

Many of us live in pedal-to-the-metal mode most of the time.

But everyone needs time to recharge. It’s not selfish to take time for yourself. In fact, self-care is a critical component of good physical and mental health. So how do you take your foot off the gas?

We’d like to think we can do it all (working moms, we’re looking at you). But it’s important be realistic and honest with yourself. Know your limits and when to reinforce the boundaries around your personal time.

The concept of self-care isn’t new, but the application of it in your everyday life may seem strange if it’s not part of your usual routine. It might even spark feelings of guilt.

But intentionally caring for one’s whole self is vital. This includes basics like sleep, hydration, exercise, meditation and good nutrition.

In episode 24, my guests, Perry Cammisa, DC of Ultimate Medical Group, and Kristine Warnes, APN of Endeavor Weight Management, offer practical ways to add self-care to your busy schedule. You can click here to catch this episode. Remember, you can find all Health 360 with Dr. G podcasts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, at, or listen on your favorite podcast app!



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