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What's behind that smile? Dental health 101 | Episode 57

The same way it’s important to check in with your primary care physician for an annual physical, it’s important to visit the dentist. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, don’t be afraid to go back. Today’s dentistry isn’t like it was when you or your parents were kids—it’s more technologically advanced and much less scary!

In Episode 57, my guest, Dr. Keven Wells DDS, owner of Living Well Dental Group, and I dispel myths about dentistry and share inside information about what dentists can see in your mouth, the best tools and techniques and how checkups can keep you healthy.

Click here listen and learn more. Remember, you can find all Health 360 with Dr. G podcasts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, at, or listen on your favorite podcast app!


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