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"Shh, is it normal?" Health issues men avoid talking about

Did you know that testosterone, the male dominant hormone, can affect everything from libido to muscle growth to brain health? While testosterone isn’t the cure for everything, it is important for male health.

Erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass and a lower sex drive could indicate low testosterone—not topics men relish discussing.

Enter Episode 19, ““Shh, is it normal?” Health issues men avoid talking about,” available NOW! Listen to my conversation with my guest, Paul Gittens, MD, FACS, a board-certified urologist and sexual medicine specialist with Centers for Sexual Medicine and Wellness, where we discuss all the taboo topics and share reasons why they’re not so taboo after all.

You can click here to catch this episode. Remember, you can find all Health 360 with Dr. G podcasts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, at, or listen on your favorite podcast app!



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