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COVID & Kids: What's Really Going On?

A lot of the conversation surrounding the #COVID19 pandemic has focused on its physical, psychological, emotional and economic impact on adults. It is critical for us to also consider its effect on the youngest members of our society as well. Check out the #TuesdayThoughts blog that I recorded in preparation for tomorrow night's episode of TO YOUR HEALTH WITH DR. G™.⁣

Be sure to join me Wed, 6/17 @ 8pm CST LIVE on Facebook for COVID & Kids. You can learn more about and RSVP for this Online Event here.

Learn more about this week's guests:⁣

Dr. Kate Johnson, MD⁣

Board-Certified Adult, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist⁣

Assistant Professor⁣

Dr. Steven Kovar, MD⁣

Board-Certified Pediatrician⁣

Chair, Department of Pediatrics⁣

Edward Hospital⁣



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