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In the Spotlight: Endometriosis

I look forward to breaking down endometriosis with my special guest, Kimberley Darey, MD, FACOG tomorrow on TO YOUR HEALTH WITH DR. G™. Check out my video blog for some insight into the disease and its impact on women.

Living with Endometriosis streams on Wed, 3/11 @ 4pm CST LIVE on Facebook & Intellectual Radio, an iHeart radio station. Remember, if you cannot watch the show live, you can watch the replay on my Facebook page immediately following the live stream.

Facebook users can RSVP for the Wed, 3/11 Facebook Live stream here:

Learn more about this week's guest:

Kimberley Darey, MD, FACOG⁣

Board-Certified Obstetrician & Gynecologist⁣

Medical Director, Obstetrics⁣

Elmhurst Hospital⁣



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