July 30, 2019

I'm excited to tell you about two health events coming up this week that will offer opportunities to both learn and connect as a community. I will be at both of them and you are invited, too!  Check out my #TuesdayThoughts to learn more.

July 23, 2019

Are you on the brink of burnout? Struggling to juggle work and home responsibilities? If so, you don't want to miss Part 2 of my Work-Life Balance series that will stream live tomorrow @ 4PM CST on Facebook and Intellectual Radio, an iHeart Radio station!

July 19, 2019

I don't know about you, but this week's episode about Work-Life Balance left me with so much to think about. Check out this week's edition of #FridayRounds for 3 Key Takeaways for your consideration. 

July 16, 2019

How is your Work-Life Balance these days? I'm excited to kick off my 2-part series on this topic tomorrow. Check out my #TuesdayThoughts for a quick look at what's ahead.

Remember, "Work-Life Balance, Part 1: The Clinician Perspective" will stream LIVE on my Facebook pa...

July 12, 2019

"What is good for your heart is good for your brain."

Check out this week's edition of #FridayRounds to learn about the link between this saying and dementia risk reduction.

July 9, 2019

Did you know that approximately 10 million people are diagnosed with dementia worldwide every year? Sadly all of us are at risk. Check out today's #TuesdayThoughts to hear why this week's dementia episode is so critical.

July 5, 2019

Remember, you are writing YOUR individual health story every day. There is time to make it an even better one!

July 2, 2019

Vacations are awesome but returning to your everyday life and the responsibilities you left behind can be stressful. In this week's #TuesdayThoughts I share a surefire way to help you cope and get back on track! 

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