Developing A Positive Mental Attitude In A Toxic Work Environment

Is it possible to have a positive mental attitude in a toxic work environment? Hear my thoughts as well as a shout out to past TO YOUR HEALTH WITH DR. G™ guest, Frank Vaught, DC (Evoke Chiropractic Coaching), in today's edition of #FridayRounds. Make it a great Friday, everyone! #FridayMorningRounds #mentalhealth #workculture

It's Fall: Time For A Dose Of Seasonal Motivation!

Fall is officially here and it's my favorite season of the year! Today I offer a dose of motivation to carry us through this season as well as the entire year. Make it a great day today! #TuesdayThoughts #motivation #healthylifestyle

Friday Morning Rounds: A Message For Parents

It is hard to believe that we've already reached the end of my annual Back To School Health Series on TO YOUR HEALTH WITH DR. G™ ! There was so much insightful information shared over the past 3 weeks, but in today's video I share one key takeaway that cannot be ignored. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you missed any of these episodes or wish to share them with a friend, you can find the full playlist here: #BackToSchool #healthylifestyle #ChildrensHealth

Childhood Obesity: A Fight For Increased Adult Longevity

Tomorrow I am concluding my Back To School Health Series with a discussion about Childhood Obesity, a topic I am truly passionate about. Be sure to tune in to either my Facebook page or Intellectual Radio @ 4pm CST to hear more from me and my panel of experts. #TuesdayThoughts #ChildrensHealth #Obesity

#TuesdayThoughts: Eating Disorders in Adolescents

Some of our young people are struggling with Eating Disorders and the multitude of health complications that accompany them. I look forward to talking more about this with local experts on tomorrow afternoon's show. Join me LIVE Wed, 9/11 at 4pm CST on Facebook ( and Intellectual Radio, an iHeart radio station, for "Back To School Health Series, Part 2: Eating Disorders In Adolescents". #BackToSchool #ChildrensHealth #mentalhealth

Friday Morning Rounds: Bullying & Social Contagion

Psychology Today magazine recently published the article, "What Makes Someone Support a Bully?" and cited the role of social contagion. I was unable to explore this concept directly with this week's panel, but I thought it would be helpful to talk about it in today's edition of #FridayRounds. Read the Psychology Today article here: #ChildrensHealth #bullying #BackToSchool

My "Back To School Health" Series

As a parent and a physician, I am concerned about a number of issues that negatively impact the health of our youth. That's why I am excited to host my 2nd Annual Back To School Health Series. I share a little more about this 3-part series in today's #TuesdayThoughts video. #ChildrensHealth #mentalhealth #bullying


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