Getting Fit At the Arcade?

Can you boost your health by visiting your local arcade? Check out this week's edition of Friday Morning Rounds to find out! #FridayMorningRounds #fitness

Self-Care Poll

I'm on vacation this week and looking forward to some relaxation and fun with my family. You've heard me speak about self-care often and that's because I think that it is so critical for a healthy lifestyle. Tell me, what are YOU doing today for your well being? Alternatively, what is keeping you from engaging in self-care today? #TuesdayThoughts #selfcare

#TuesdayThoughts: Summertime Healthy Eating

Food often takes center stage as we enjoy the summer months. That's why I am wrapping up my Countdown To Summer Series with a discussion about nutrition and healthy eating. Check out my #TuesdayThoughts to learn more. #TuesdayThoughts #nutrition #healthyeating

Summer Skin Care Secrets

Be sure to join me for Part 2 of my COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER SERIES tomorrow at 4pm CST LIVE on Facebook! This week's episode is all about SKINCARE. Check out my #TuesdayThoughts for a preview of what's in store. #TuesdayThoughts #health #skincare

5 Steps Towards a Healthier, Stronger & More Confident YOU

For this week's edition of Friday Morning Rounds, I'm sharing 5 #tips that can get you closer to a healthier, stronger & more confident YOU! Are you already on the right track? Watch my video to find out. It is never too late to get started! #FridayMorningRounds #motivation #nutrition #Exercise #mindfulness

Summer Is Coming - Let The Last-Minute Prep Begin!

Summer is coming so let the last minute prep begin! What is Intermittent Fasting? Should a Keto Diet be part of my life? Should I be focused on exercise instead of my diet for the fastest results? I'm ready to tackle these questions and more with my expert panel tomorrow when I kick off my Countdown To Summer Series! #TuesdayThoughts #motivation

Don't Neglect Eye Health!

Happy Saturday! I’m on my way to an important appointment and wanted to share some #SaturdayMotivation about an often neglected area of #healthcare. Please check it out and make it a great day! #EyeHealth #motivation


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